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Services +

I offer various services to cater to your family's care needs. 

Please contact me with any questions regarding service duties or to schedule a booking!



On-Call or Occasional Care

One-off care

within your own home.

Specialist (Overnight)

Overnight care for infants 48 hours to 4 months of age.

Extended Care

For care 24+ hours within your own home.

Travel Nanny Care

Either occasional or reoccurring care provided outside of your own home.

Non-childcare-related cleaning and household upkeep.

Household Manager Responsibilities


On-Call Care / Babysitting

1 child: $30/hr
2 children: $32/hr
3 children: $34/hr
4 children: $36/hr
5 children: $38/hr

Rates apply to individual families only. Please contact for multi-family quotes. Minimum 4-hour booking.

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