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I have diverse childcare experience ranging from personal in-home care to private preschool settings. My range of experience allows me to utilize the strengths that each situation offers so that I can provide effective, well-rounded care that considers the individual. 

With my teaching background, I have a rich understanding of childhood development and best practices. I personally follow the standards and regulations set in place by both the State of Florida and private accreditation agencies for large-scale preschool programs, while providing one-on-one care where children receive the attention they lack in those settings. 


Work Experience

October 2020 - January 2022

April 2019 - October 2020

Full-Time Nanny / Household Manager

Lead Preschool

January 2022 - Present

Full-Time Nanny / Household Manager

January 2014 - Present

On-Call Babysitter

  • Provide care and management for a busy house of five with three preschool and elementary-aged children. 

  • Assisted with education and tutoring across three grade levels and aided in subject matter understanding and retention.

  • Maintained multiple schedules including 15+ extracurriculars, appointments, errands, and various household employees.

  • Assisted household with tasks including but not limited to laundry, grocery planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning, pet care, transportation, interior decorating, and business needs.

  • Provided standard, full-time care in addition to weekend and overnight care when needed.

  • Cared for an infant beginning at 5 months, aided in physical, mental, cognitive, and emotional development.

  • Utilized guided, hands-on learning through play and exploration.

  • Provided daily care, including creating innovative and educational activities and outings based on the child's interests.

  • Created a fun and interactive environment that entertains and stimulates children to aid in meeting developmental milestones and improve socio-emotional development.

  • Performed household responsibilities including but not limited to preparing healthy meals, laundry, cleaning common areas, and running errands when needed.

  • Maintained the child's schedule, planning, and transport to various activities semi-weekly.

  • Provided consistent, reliable care and support for both parents and their children.

  • Lead a classroom of up to 22 students within the 2-4 age range and utilized positive reinforcement and proactive behavior modification to encourage learning and personal growth.

  • Created a safe and nurturing childcare environment that encouraged individual discovery, while meeting state-mandated testing requirements.

  • Administered meals and medications, including modifications specific to each child's dietary restrictions and/or needs.

  • Maintained a clean environment by changing 40+ diapers daily, potty training dozens of children, and regularly sanitizing surfaces.

  • Clearly communicated and coordinated with parents to understand each child's specific needs and desires.

  • Provided on-call and/or irregular care for 5+ families with children ranging from 6 months to 12 years old on a long-term basis.

  • Planned fun, indoor and outdoor games to help maintain an active lifestyle.

  • Introduced and read new reading materials to improve vocabulary and grammar.

  • Assisted with homework help, household chores, and meal preparation while on duty.

  • Coordinated play dates with other families while ensuring the safety of all children involved.

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