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Hello! My name is Elisa, and I am a nurturing childcare provider who has been working with children since 2014. I am passionate about early childhood education, specifically emergent literacy, and aim to provide high-quality, compassionate childcare to families in the Tampa Bay area.

Throughout my professional career, I've cultivated a unique approach to childcare rooted in mutual respect, positivity, and patience. I am well-versed in the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards, and I am always actively pursuing professional development to keep on trend with the latest best practices.

I pride myself on my dependability, flexibility, and communication. I always strive to go above and beyond and hold myself to the same rigorous standards required of private preschools.


Primary education is my passion, and I've been working with children since I was a teenager. Once I began college, I was excited to pursue a degree in Elementary Education and soon became a preschool teacher in Tallahassee, Florida. In my first school, I taught both infant and 3-4-year-old classrooms. This school was APPLE accredited and taught me what compassionate and effective childcare truly was. In 2020 I moved to Tampa and wasn't satisfied with the level of care provided, so I took matters into my own hands! I transitioned from preschool to private nannying, so that I can provide the quality care I believe families and children deserve. I still utilize my background with Creative Curriculum and the Florida Standards to create engaging, empowering care tailored to the individual needs of the families I work alongside.​​

I follow the "gentle parenting" approach to nannying that utilizes communication, patience, and positivity. This style is founded on the concepts of empathy, respect, understanding, and boundaries, which I believe are very important to the development of young minds. I believe in cultivating an open, understanding relationship from early childhood and encouraging willingness and choices rather than using fear of punishment as a means to encourage good behavior.​


I love what I do and feel very grateful for being a part of great young children growing into who they are!

My Story

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